The RELENTLESS Movie Project

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I will make a better title latter! Welcome to the Project!

Before you consider looking at this site you must belive:
1) LBA 1 & 2 are the greatest games on Earth (or at least in your top 5)
2) Relentless (LBA1's) plot was so good it should be made into a film.
3) You must not worship Funfrock or Darkmonk.
If you do not for fill the above criteria please LEAVE.
A pointless animation of...

'The Sendals'

What Is The Project?
To make a Computer Graphic Movie based on the original LBA game.

Hopefully I can get enough Artists/Scriptwriters/Voice actors etc. to get the job done.

This is a purely fan-based film. No money will be paid to people helping the movie happen.
They will however get these benifits:
1)A Credit on the site and on the finished film.
2)Knowlenge that they have help done what Hollywood should have done years ago.
3)My Eternal Gratitude

All applicants must have two qualifications:
1) Being a Fan of Relentless (LBA1)
2) Access to this web site
If you meet these two requirements then the chances are you can help.
see below to see who is needed.

A Remote Galaxy... THE LIST:
Script Writter:
1-3:Needed to joint write the film. I have written the opening sequence and will be 'guiding' the story.

Story Board Artists:
1:Need to draw rough pencil outlines of scenes from the story.Must be a good sketchier and have a scanner.(Job Taken)

2D Texture Artist:
5+:Needed to draw textures for 3d objects.Can be made using any software the outputs to Jpg or PSP format.I recommend PSP7 by Jasc Software

3D Animators:
To help animate and the movie. I use a programme that can export 3DS format, but the following 3D programmes are available for free:
True space 3 (recommended)
Brace 3d

Voice Actors:
Needed for all major parts,
Twinsen,Zoe,Sendal,Funfrok ect. will very according to how the script is written.
Anyone who can speak English can do this.

Spelling Chequers
Needed for this web site and the scropt

'Idea' People
Needed for 'ideas'.If there is a problem with the script or story then these people should offer suggestions.
How does Twinsen carry the proto pack in his tunic?

If you can do any of these then sign up or...