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The place where its at!   My Favorite Links:

Welcome to my links page. I have not put many up yet there all defualts.Got a LBA/art page? Please tell me and I will put it on!

LBA Sites:

Magic Ball Network
- I had to put it at the top.This (together with the older World of LBA site) is the most comprehensive on the net.

The World of LBA

Other Links I Like:
Retrogamer - Old games & Stuff, used to run a good fanzine.

Rare - My second favorate games company, from Skyhawk to Perfect dark all clasic games.

Renderosity Good art site, anyone can upload pictures and stuff,loads of 3D resources.Look up darkflame and
check out my ART!

DARKbasic You want to make 3D games? On your own?
This is your best chance!

TV Music Want the theme tune to the A-Team?Star-Trek?Pinky and the brain!!?? Then this is the place you find it! Beacuse there all Midi's all downloads are about 10 secs!

Mega Games Free games, there actualy quite good!

More Links - Links to more stuff.

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