The Relentless Game Movie Project-so far...

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Whats Been done so far?-not much-
On this page is a brief summery of whats been done.
This is not up to date,we have done much more since this page was made.
##Frame 50ish##
The Gensis of Twinsun
  ##Twinsun fully formed##
The last few frames of the gensis
Twinsen in a cell.Not an animation yet,just a test render.
This is an early render,we have much better model of Twinsen now.
  The mountines at the equator
The water tower,you know the bit (poor the sirup into the water supply,to make it taste you get the guy to show you the way to the book..remember)   What needs to be done to the tower.(an animation of this is avaible on request)
Concept art of the stellar being.This is only a rough idea of what the thing might look like.I don't even know if it will be needed-you didn't really see it in LBA-1 , you just say the sendals flying round something (presumable the stela being was in the centre, but I made it in case. If you think the stely being might look different just e-mail me.  
(on the outscerts of a remote galaxy...)

What do you think?